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  • Residence permit in Ukraine: car import

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    Non-residents of the state who move to Ukraine on the basis of a residence permit have the opportunity to send a vehicle across the border. Thus, every foreigner who has reached the age of 18 can import one car into the territory of the state without paying taxes. It can be a vehicle of any category: car or truck, bus, tractor.
    However, there are certain requirements and restrictions, among them:

    • a non-resident of Ukraine at the time of importing a car into the country must be the owner of the specified vehicle for a year or more;
    • it is important that the car is registered in the foreigner’s country of residence for at least 1 year.

    It should also be remembered about the need to remove the car from registration by a non-resident at home. After that, the procedure for drawing up an act of inspection and assessment of the car is carried out. Only then a permit is issued to import a vehicle into Ukraine.

    Buy a car with a residence permit in Ukraine

    We emphasize that a non-resident of Ukraine, like a citizen of a state, has the right to purchase a car on the territory of the country. Thus, to buy a vehicle, it is not necessary to be a citizen of Ukraine, it is enough to have a registration and obtain a residence permit.
    To buy a car in Ukraine, you must have your passport and identification code with you. We would like to point out that the sales and purchase agreement is drawn up exclusively in writing and is notarized.

    We will help a non-resident of Ukraine prepare the necessary documents, purchase a car on the territory of the state or import a vehicle into Ukraine!

    Our experts are always ready to advise you and answer all your questions.

    We will help you get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine at an affordable price and as soon as possible!

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