Residence permit in Ukraine

What gives a foreigner a temporary residence permit in Ukraine?

After obtaining a residence permit, a foreign guest can count, as already mentioned, on a full guarantee of almost all rights and freedoms. According to statistics, foreigners often seek to obtain a residence permit in order to be eligible: to enroll in any of the universities in Ukraine. Send children to school for free education. Having lived in Ukraine for a certain period (5 years as usual), apply for citizenship. If a foreigner brings his car in Ukraine, then he does not have to pay a state duty, the amount of which is quite large. For traveling to other countries, a foreigner can obtain a visa like an ordinary Ukrainian. With permanent residence, it is allowed to find a job, filling any vacancy without access to state secrets.

How to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine?

A foreign visitor who enters our picturesque Ukraine may stay here illegally for 90 days, and not without reason for another 90 calendar days. This means that if you need to stay in the country for more than 180 days, you must submit an application for permanent residence in Ukraine, which will ensure legal stay in the territory of the country.

Міграція в Украіну

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Basic concepts of a residence permit

a document that allows a foreigner to stay in the territory of Ukraine for an unlimited period of time, and also fully equates his rights with Ukrainian citizens.

a person who does not have the citizenship of Ukraine, but has the citizenship of another country;

stateless person

a special state body controlling all matters related to the stay of foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of Ukraine, established in 2011 pursuant to a presidential decree

a document confirming the status of a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine

official representation of Ukraine on the territory of another state

of a specific category of people has the right to obtain an immigration permit and a permanent residence permit

Where can I get a residence permit?