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  • How to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

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    The residence permit – is a permission for the foreigners or for the stateless people to live in Ukraine as a citizen of the country. It should be mentioned, that there are two types of this document: permanent and temporary.

    According to the Ukrainian legislation, the temporary residence permit works on the system «90/180». Therefore, a foreigner or a stateless person can be in the country for the 90 days out of 180, and after that it will be necessary to leave the territory of the country for the 90 days.

    The main requirement in order to receive the residence permit is a document about the reason and its official confirmation. The most common of them are the following: a marriage to a Ukrainian; the presence of a close relative in Ukraine or a territorial reason.

    The main reasons for the receiving the temporary residence permit are the next: the family reunification, the studies or the job in Ukraine. You should realize that this list updates depending on the concrete occasions.

    Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

    In order to get a permanent residence permit, you must have at least one visit to the territory of Ukraine.

    If we speak about the necessary documents, it should be mentioned that the list of them is not fixed. Nevertheless, we will present you some of them, which will be useful for you in different situations:

    • an application and the reason for the receiving a residence permit;
    • a passport;
    • the three photos 3,5 x 4,5;
    • a reference about the availability of a housing in Ukraine;
    • a document about the place of the residence abroad and about a family composition.

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