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  • How to get the residence permit in Ukraine

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    The residence permit – is a document, which allows the foreigners to reside in Ukraine during a specified period or without the limits. Depending on the term of the residence permit, there can be two types of the document: permanent and temporary.

    In order to get the residence permit, first, you need to prepare the necessary documents. It should be mentioned that this list depends on the several factors, such as a required period of the residence permit, a reason for the receiving a document and a presence or an absence of the privileges. However, we offer you a list of the documents that will be useful for you:

    • an application and the reason for the receiving a residence permit;
    • a passport;
    • the three photographs 3,5 x 4,5;
    • a reference about the availability of a housing in Ukraine;
    • a document about the place of the residence abroad and about a family composition.

    The next step is a submission of an application, of the prepared documents and the documentary evidence of the reason. We specify that the list of the reasons isn`t complete and updates depending on the specific situations.

    We will help you to receive the residence permit for the foreigners at an affordable price and as soon as possible!


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    We will help you get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine at an affordable price and as soon as possible!

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