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  • How to get a driver’s license for a foreigner in Ukraine

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    Despite the fact that non-residents have the right to drive vehicles if they have an international driver’s license, after obtaining a residence permit it is necessary to obtain a Ukrainian driver’s license.

    At the same time, the rights that you had remain with you. The law allows you to have foreign and Ukrainian driving license. The term for replacing the ID is 60 days. To obtain a driver’s license, you must pass a medical commission and pass exams in the theory and practice of driving without training in a driving school. If a foreign citizen, legally registered on the territory of Ukraine, does not have a driver’s license, he can obtain a driver’s license in exactly the same procedure as the citizens of Ukraine, that is:

    • undergo a medical examination and receive a medical certificate in the form 083 y;
    • undergo training or retraining at a driving school, in accordance with the current curriculum;
    • confirm the theoretical knowledge gained at the driving school and pass the driving test.

    Conditions for obtaining a driver’s license for a foreign citizen

    According to the regulations and instructions on the procedure for issuing driver licenses and admitting citizens to drive vehicles, in order to obtain a driver’s license for foreigners, it is necessary to go through the established procedure. Although foreigners have the right to drive vehicles on the territory of Ukraine on the basis of an international driver’s license, after being registered in Ukraine, they must obtain a Ukrainian driver’s license.

    On the other hand, according to the law of Ukraine, you can keep your foreign rights and they will be relevant at the level with the Ukrainian one. Obtaining a second (Ukrainian) driver’s license is made within 60 days and for this you need to get certificate 083 y and pass exams at the traffic police (without undergoing training at a driving school). If you are a foreigner registered and living on the territory of Ukraine, but do not have a driver’s license, you can get it following the same procedure as citizens of Ukraine:

    • Pass a medical examination and get a medical certificate 083 y;
    • Complete training at a driving school;
    • Pass the exam at the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
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