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The citizenship of Ukraine – it is a legal link between the individual and the state, which provides the mutual rights and obligations. This document becomes necessary for the foreigners who want to be equated with the citizens of Ukraine.

According to the Law of Ukraine «On the Citizenship of Ukraine» the reasons for the receiving the citizenship of Ukraine are the next:

  • the birth;
  • the territorial origin;
  • as a result of the adoption of the citizenship;
  • as a result of the recovery of the citizenship;
  • as a result of the adoption;
  • due to the citizenship of Ukraine of one or two parents of the child;
  • due to the confirmation of the fact of the paternity or maternity and so on.

There are several conditions that should be satisfied in order to have an ability to receive the citizenship of Ukraine:

  • to follow the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine;
  • to receive a permit for the immigration to Ukraine;
  • a foreign citizen must renounce his citizenship and submit a declaration of the absence of the foreign citizenship;
  • a residence in the territory of Ukraine shall be not less than 5 years;
  • a knowledge of the state language;
  • the existence of a source of the permanent income.

The general procedure of the receiving the Ukrainian citizenship occurs in up to 1 year. Nevertheless, in the certain situations there are possible accelerations. For example, the reason for the accelerated acquisition of the citizenship of Ukraine is the presence of the Ukrainian residence permit.

Due to the accelerated procedure of the receiving of the Ukrainian citizenship, you will be able to get the document much more quickly (during 1 month). The reason for such a procedure is an existence of the close relatives (brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren and so on) – the citizens of Ukraine.

Ukraine: the dual citizenship

Speaking about the dual citizenship, it should be mentioned that there are not regulatory documents in Ukraine, which include the punishment for the concealing the fact of the legalization in another country. This means that citizens of Ukraine can`t be brought to the responsibility for such an act.

Nevertheless, here can take place a question about the deprivation of the Ukrainian citizenship. This can happen only in the several cases, such as:

  • the rejection of the citizenship by the citizen;
  • on the grounds of the international treaties between Ukraine and other states.

How to get the Ukrainian citizenship? We know the answer and we will help the foreigners to receive the citizenship of Ukraine!

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