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  • Work with a residence permit in Ukraine

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    As we said earlier, the main condition for the legal employment of a foreigner at an enterprise in Ukraine is the availability of a valid work permit. A work permit is a document that provides citizens of other states with the possibility of an official and legal arrangement for a specific position and a specific workplace, and the employer, in turn, grants the right to legally use the labor of foreigners.
    However, it should be noted that this procedure is greatly simplified for non-residents of the state who have issued a permanent residence permit. Thus, the placement of foreigners of this category for work takes place without obtaining a work permit.

    Residence permit in Ukraine: pension

    If we talk about the issue of pension payments for foreign citizens in Ukraine, it is important to emphasize that the accrual of pensions on the territory of the state is provided to the following categories of foreigners:

    • non-residents of the country who previously worked on the territory of Ukraine;
    • non-residents of the country who arrived for permanent residence in Ukraine, being at retirement age.

    This is due to the fact that a resident of a foreign state who has received a permanent residence permit is equal in his rights and obligations to a citizen of Ukraine. Thus, foreigners of the above categories are entitled to pension benefits in Ukraine.
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