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  • Residence permit in Ukraine for Belarusians

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    To obtain an official right to reside on the territory of Ukraine, you need to issue a residence permit, which is of two types: temporary and permanent. For citizens of Belarus, in contrast to visa countries, there are certain periods of stay in the country without registration. A residence permit is issued after 90 days from the date of entry of a citizen of Belarus into the territory of Ukraine for a longer stay on the territory of the state.

    We bring to your attention the rules, requirements and conditions for registration and obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for Belarusians.

    How to get a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Belarus

    The possibility of obtaining a temporary residence permit is provided to citizens of Belarus who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of employment, marriage, study, family reunification, and so on. The list of reasons for obtaining a residence permit is not fixed and not limited, it is replenished depending on specific cases. Thus, Belarusians need to prepare a package of documents, which includes: an application confirming the grounds for issuing a residence permit; passport or other identity document; identification code; 4 photos 3.5 x 4.5; host country application; medical insurance policy. The list of required documents is adjusted based on specific situations.

    In order to obtain a permanent residence permit, a citizen of Belarus must first of all obtain a permit in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration”. An application for a residence permit, along with a complete package of prepared documents, is submitted to the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

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