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  • Replacement of a residence permit in Ukraine at 25 and 45 years old

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    If we talk about the procedure for exchanging a permanent or temporary residence permit in Ukraine, it should be noted that the document must be replaced if there are the following reasons:

    • change of passport data (last name, first name and / or patronymic) of a non-resident of the state;
    • establishment of inconsistencies between the information entered in the residence permit and the entries in other documents;
    • damage to the residence permit as a basis for the unsuitability of the permit;
      the foreigner has reached the appropriate age.

    We propose to dwell on the last criterion and consider this position in detail. It should be noted here that the residence permit must be replaced when its owner reaches the age of 25 and 45. This is due to the need to replace the photo of a non-resident of the state.
    Separately, it should be said that a temporary residence permit, in contrast to a permanent type of document, must be renewed annually, since the validity of the permit is limited. We emphasize that in case of refraining from the procedure for extending the document, it will be necessary to pay penalties.

    Who can get a residence permit in Ukraine?

    Permits to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine can be obtained by foreigners within the established immigration quota, as well as representatives of certain categories.
    The annually approved immigration quota provides for the following positions:

    • workers of art, culture, science and education;
    • immigrants who have invested more than $ 100,000 in the state economy;
    • close relatives of a foreigner: parents, children, brothers, sisters, spouse or spouse;
    • non-residents of the state who have previously been in the status of a citizen of Ukraine;
    • victims of human trafficking, etc.

    However, outside the established quota for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, the following categories of foreign citizens can also apply:

    • first line relatives (children and parents) of Ukrainian citizens;
    • persons applying for a residence permit in Ukraine on a territorial basis;
    • foreigners whose immigration is beneficial for the receiving state, etc.


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