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  • Invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine

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    An invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine by an individual is one of the most popular documents, the purpose of which is to visit a citizen of another state of friends, acquaintances and relatives on the territory of Ukraine. Thus, this document grants a foreigner the right to freely cross the border of Ukraine and is often associated with a residence permit in Ukraine, since the procedure for obtaining them is very similar.

    It should be noted that the procedure for issuing an invitation for non-residents of the state provides for an exclusively personal application. The list of required documents is as follows:

    • a statement by an individual;
    • the passport of the inviting Ukrainian;
    • photocopy of the foreigner’s passport;
    • a certificate confirming the availability of the necessary cash support to cover all the expenses of a non-resident associated with his stay and stay on the territory of Ukraine, as well as returning to his homeland.

    Moreover, the absence of one of the above documents may become grounds for refusal to issue a document.

    The number of invited guests does not affect the cost of issuing an invitation. It should be said that an invitation for a foreigner can be issued not only by his relative. Thus, this right is granted and available to any other citizen of Ukraine as well.

    How to issue an invitation to Ukraine?

    It is necessary to clarify that the invitation must contain the period of stay of the foreigner within the territory of Ukraine and the date of his departure. Separately, it should be said that in some cases it may be necessary to indicate the purpose of the trip and visit to Ukraine. In addition, a non-resident may also be required to document his departure from Ukraine and return to his homeland, that is, the presence of return tickets.

    In addition, the invitation must also contain the obligation of the receiving individual to provide financial support for the foreigner within Ukraine. The Ukrainian takes responsibility for paying all the guest’s expenses related to his stay and stay in the country, as well as leaving the state.

    In order to obtain a permit, you must go through the following steps:

    • collect a full package of required documents and certificates;
    • submit a completed application and prepared documents to the SMS;
    • get an invitation for a foreigner.

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