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  • How to get an immigration permit to Ukraine

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    The most common grounds for obtaining an immigration permit to Ukraine are:

    • Marriage to a citizen of Ukraine for more than two years;
    • Presence of Ukrainian citizenship in children or parents of a foreigner;
    • Existence of the right to obtain the status of a citizen of Ukraine by territorial origin.

    It should be noted that other grounds, in particular such as the availability of real estate in the country, do not give the right to immigrate to Ukraine.

    What are the rights of an immigration permit to Ukraine?

    Issued by an authorized body identity document and provides the opportunity to reside in the state, the use of most civil rights. There are two types of certificates: permanent residence and temporary. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which certificate to choose is decided only by the applicant depending on the specific situation. Depending on the needs of the foreigner and his / her goals, we can also help to obtain a temporary residence permit if the citizen of another state has the appropriate grounds for stay.

    If there are grounds for immigration to Ukraine, a foreign citizen must apply for an immigration permit to the embassy or consulate of Ukraine or to the local department of the State Migration Service.

    How to get an immigration permit to Ukraine

    An immigration permit is a specific document that must be obtained by anyone who wants to move to Ukraine. It is this document that gives the right to further issue a residence permit.

    Every year, the Ukrainian government sets an immigration quota. It includes a number of people belonging to certain groups. However, there are also categories of persons who can obtain an immigration permit outside this quota.

    In recent years, there are more and more immigrants in Ukraine. This is due to various reasons, including economic and political. The government gives foreigners the opportunity to become citizens of Ukraine, move here for permanent residence, work and study.

    People included in the immigration quota

    The Cabinet of Ministers determines the immigration quota annually. This quota always includes the same categories, but the number of people in them may vary. Here is a list of categories of people included in this quota:

    – People who are engaged in the development of culture and science and can be useful for Ukraine in these areas;
    – Highly qualified professionals who can benefit Ukraine in their areas of activity;
    – Persons who have invested more than one hundred thousand US dollars in the Ukrainian economy;
    – People who are closely related (children, parents, grandparents, siblings) to citizens of Ukraine;
    – Former citizens of Ukraine;
    – Parents, spouses and minor children of those who have already received a permit to immigrate to Ukraine;
    – Persons who have been trafficked (three years after this status is established);
    – Refugees (after living in Ukraine for three years).
    – People who can get a permit, outside the immigration quota

    Some special categories of people have the right to obtain an immigration permit outside the quota set by the Ukrainian authorities. Here is a list of these categories:

    – People who have been married to citizens of Ukraine for more than two years;
    – Parents and children of Ukrainian citizens;
    – People who have the right to citizenship by territorial origin;
    – People who are connected with the citizens of Ukraine by guardianship or custody;
    – People whose move to Ukraine is important for the state;
    – Ukrainians abroad, as well as their husbands, wives and children, if they enter together.
    – All categories of people listed in these two points can obtain an immigration permit and move to Ukraine for permanent residence.

    What you need to do to get an immigration permit to Ukraine

    If you have determined that you are eligible for an immigration permit and want to use it, you will need to take a few steps. The first task for you will be to collect all the necessary papers. Here is their list:

    – A copy of your passport, translated into Ukrainian and notarized;
    – Three photos;
    – Information about your place of residence;
    – Application for an immigration permit;
    – A document that proves that you belong to one of these categories;
    – Information about the composition of your family (it also needs to be translated into Ukrainian and notarized);
    – Certificate that you do not have certain legal diseases, as well as addictions (alcoholism, drug addiction, drug addiction, etc.);
    – Certificates that you have no criminal record.
    As in the case of a residence permit, it is important that all documents are properly executed and the application is written without errors.

    After you collect the documents, submit them to the LCA. This is usually done in person, but you can use the services of a representative, or send the paper by mail. Parents or guardians issue immigration permits for children and incapacitated citizens. The application is considered by the LCA within a year.

    You can also apply for an immigration permit while abroad, through a consulate or diplomatic mission.
    Our experts are always ready to advise you and answer all your questions.

    We will help you get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine at an affordable price and as soon as possible!

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