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  • How can a foreigner get a TIN in Ukraine?

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    The identification code in Ukraine is a document that is necessary for foreigners to perform banking operations.

    First of all, it should be noted that obtaining an identification code is not a mandatory procedure for all non-residents of Ukraine. However, this document must be obtained in the following situations:

    • in case of obtaining a job or entering a higher educational institution on the territory of Ukraine;
    • when registering a business;
    • in case of registration of the residence permit or citizenship of Ukraine;
    • for financial transactions.

    As a foreigner to get a TIN in Ukraine

    In order to become the owner of the identification code, a foreigner should prepare a package of necessary documents, among which it is important to highlight:

    • passport of a foreign citizen;
    • notarized translation of the passport into the state language.

    If we talk about the time required for the document, it should be noted that in most cases, the procedure for obtaining an identification code requires seven working days. The cost of the procedure is not fixed and depends on the following factors: the duration of the identification number, the availability of the necessary documents and more. It is important to emphasize that the translation of a foreigner’s passport into Ukrainian (if necessary), as well as the issuance of a power of attorney is additionally paid.

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